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How to Use Webinars for Effective Employee Benefits Communications

Jul 7, 2021 9:08:14 AM / by Picwell

As you know, all of your employees need to learn about, understand, and take full advantage of their benefits packages this year. To help them accomplish this, you must communicate benefits-related information in various ways to make sure you're reaching team members where they are. In our last blog, we reviewed the emails you need to send to ensure success this open enrollment season. This week is all about webinars! A webinar can be an excellent way to broadcast your benefits message and encourage employee participation. Here are six quick tips to make sure your next webinar is effective.

1. Create a Comprehensive Slide Deck 

First and foremost, your webinar content must be robust and on point. So, before you start advertising the event, create a comprehensive slide deck about your company’s benefits package. The presentation should include the essential details about each benefit offered and provide clear enrollment instructions.

The content should also:

  • be easy to digest.
  • anticipate and answer common employee questions.
  • spell out where employees can go for additional information and guidance.

Pro Tip: Have a colleague review the slide deck to make sure the information reads and flows well, and make sure to do a couple of run-throughs before you present to your employees.

2. Make the Webinars Easy to Attend

Chances are, your employees work different schedules - and they lead busy lives outside of the office. That means it could be tricky for them to squeeze a benefits webinar into their day. To accommodate as many team members as possible, be sure to hold the event on various days and times. You should also make it easy to watch a recorded version of the presentation if some employees can’t attend live.

Pro Tip: Make sure the technology you use is simple and glitch-free before you send out invitations. If employees can’t register for and attend the webinar with a few clicks, you may lose their participation due to frustration.

3. Track Employee Registrations

Maintain a running log of employees who register for each webinar. That way, you can send them reminder emails up until the time of the event. Keeping the presentation at the top of their minds will increase your attendance rate. 

Pro Tip: Identify which team members signed up for, but didn’t join, each webinar. Then, send them an invitation for the next session or a link to a recorded version. Do the same for employees who haven’t signed up at all.

4. Keep Participants Engaged

Let’s face it - a discussion about benefits can get very dry and dull if you’re not careful. So, to prevent your webinar participants from falling asleep at their desks, you need to keep things interesting. Here are a few strategies to make sure your employees stay engaged:

  • Ask interactive poll and trivia questions and invite all participants to respond.
  • Use conversational language - both on your slides and as you narrate the presentation.
  • Inject office-appropriate humor whenever possible.
  • Complement your text with eye-catching graphics.

Pro Tip: If you have the budget, incentivize registration and participation with gift cards or company swag. If funds are limited, consider having random drawings for an extra vacation day.

5. Be Prepared to Answer Questions

No matter how thorough your webinar is, employees are going to have questions - it’s inevitable! Be sure to reserve enough time at the end of the event to respond to each inquiry. To be extra prepared, try to know each benefit offered inside and out and keep plan documents handy for reference. But don’t be afraid to say that you need more time to research something if a team member stumps you. They’ll appreciate your honesty and willingness to go the extra mile to look it up.

Pro Tip: If you see a theme in the questions you receive, add that information into the presentation.

6. Follow Up Strategically

The webinar isn’t the end of the benefits conversation. To ensure the most critical information sticks - and gets applied during open enrollment - you must have a strong follow-up strategy. Create and send a series of emails that reinforces benefits plan details, shows employees how to enroll, and provides additional resources for further learning.

Pro Tip: At the end of each email, encourage employees to hit reply to make comments, express concerns, or ask questions. Getting their questions answered before open enrollment will make the process that much smoother.

As you can see, there are several ways you can communicate benefits information to your workforce - and offering a variety of mediums can only help get your message out. So, if you’re not already offering webinars, you should definitely consider adding them to your arsenal. They’re relatively easy to put together, can be reused/recorded, and encourage more participation than an email or static video. By following the tips above, you’ll be holding effective benefits communication webinars in no time.

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